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Software Version 3.2 is Officially Released!

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Software Version 3.2 is Officially Released!

We are excited to announce that the latest version of Motion Amplification® software is available for download now. With version 3.2, RDI combined customer feedback with cutting-edge technology to enhance your ability to utilize Motion Amplification® throughout your organization.

Key Features:

  • Best-In-Class Digital Image Stabilization: Cutting edge image stabilization techniques have been developed and implemented to address environmental challenges such as flexible floors or mounting surfaces. Applying this post-processing technique will further enhance the stability and clarity of mp4’s.
  • Phase Overlay: With the newest version of Motion Amplification® analysis software, you can now graphically display relative phase throughout the image for a specified frequency. Like Motion Map (available in 3.0), the new Phase Map feature allows the user to visualize relative phase as different colors across the entire image and easily see elements that are out of phase as opposite colors. This gives the user quick access to approximate phase relationships without the use of ROI’s.
  • Difference Plots: Provides users the ability to determine relative motion between multiple ROI’s.
  • Metrology (Ruler – Distance & Angle): Users can overlay distances and angles onto videos and document the distances between objects within an image. This feature can also determine angles between critical lines or features within an image.
  • Audio Enabled Video Editing: Narration and background music can be added to Motion Studio Projects, enhancing users’ ability to tell the story and report findings within the exported mp4.

In addition to these key features, this release also includes multiple usability features that allow users to enhance recordings, export content into numerous formats, add logos and annotations, and more.

How to Get Version 3.2:

  1. Sign in to your RDI user account
  2. Navigate to the Software Updates section of your dashboard

If you are unsure whether your Software Update and Support Agreement is current, fill out this form to contact support. If you need help installing the software, see this help page here.

Download Version 3.2

New Product Add-Ons

RDI have also released two new products available as add-ons to your Iris™ collection: A Laser Tach and the Iris M™ Color Camera.

The Laser Tach integration can be used to “freeze” the shaft or blade, and nonsynchronous motion can be visualized.

The Iris M™ Color Camera lets you capture the same amazing videos using Motion Amplification®, now available in color!

To request more information about the new product add-ons and to find out how they can benefit you, contact GVS at or phone 02 4925 2701. The sensor of the future is here.

Motion Amplification® Testimonials

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What Australasian Asset Managers, Reliability Engineers and Condition Monitoring Professionals are saying about RDI Technologies Motion Amplification®.


The Motion Amplification® Systems produced by RDI Technologies are globally renowned as revolutionary and game changing. Known for their reliable equipment and consistent software updates to keep technicians at the top of their game, RDI Technologies is committed to continually developing products such as the IRIS M™, IRIS CM™ and Motion Amplification® software platform using the latest technology.

Condition Monitoring Team Leader from AGL Loy Yang, Peter Fanning shared his experience with the technology and gave praise to RDI in a recent statement, as well commenting on the compact and easy set-up of the system; “This has proved to be a great assistance to rectifying a long-term plant issue. After only a short set up time it confirmed our vibration and phase measurement’s without physically touching the plant.”

Watch the video below to read more reviews from engineers and technicians across Australasia in their experiences with RDI’s Motion Amplification® technology.


Introducing Motion Amplification® Software 3.1

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Introducing Motion Amplification® Software 3.1Over the past few months, we have focused on bringing yet another exciting update to our loyal user base of the Iris M™, Iris MX™, and Iris CM™. This release is full of new features and functionality focused on expanding the capabilities of Motion Amplification® and making the software easier to use. What is exciting about this release is that it is primarily focused on implementing functionality based on customer feedback. It is full of new and easier ways to collect and process data, and here are just a few highlights.

  • All New High-Density Recordings (HDR) – HDR mode is now a part of Motion Amplification® analysis and no longer requires a special acquisition mode. Even better, all recordings are backward compatible. Easily achieve videos with more precise movement and detail and see unparalleled time resolution in video playback!
  • Photron and Vision Research Cameras – With our new High-Speed Plugin Module you can now use a large selection of Photron and Vision Research cameras with Motion Amplification® Acquisition™. These cameras are plug and play and expand the options for high speed Motion Amplification®.
  • Triggering – Now in Acquisition, you can arm the camera with pre and post triggers. The camera will buffer the video and save the data that was collected before the record button was pressed. This makes capturing singular events easier than ever.
  • Live ROI – You no longer have to wonder how much something is moving before you press record. Now you can draw ROI’s and measure displacement right in Acquisition. This makes for a powerful feature coupled with live Motion Amplification®. Time waveforms and spectra are both shown.
  • 60+ Usability and Workflow Changes – We have added over 60 new usability features and functionality changes that make your life easier, from selecting filtered data straight from the Motion Amplification® spectral peaks to auto thresholding. They are all designed to make the process faster and have been implemented based on direct customer feedback.
  • Major Iris CM Feature Additions – The Iris CM has seen a dramatic expansion of capability. Trigger options such as general purpose IEPE and 4-20 mA signals have been included. The Iris CM can be configured with a small form factor ruggedized PC that is scalable by networking multiple systems, making it easier than ever to deploy and interface.
  • Long Term Record – Have a process or motion that occurs over a long-time frame? Now you can set up your recording to capture over long time periods by setting frame rates to be seconds or minutes apart. You can easily set up recording for processes that take longer to measure.
  • Thresholding in Acquisition and 8-bit – Thresholding video is one of our most used features. This can now be done straight in Acquisition and with low dynamic range recording.
  • Export to a Single File with Compression – Now you can export all your data to a single file to transfer to another computer or drive more easily. That file can also be compressed for smaller file size.

Upcoming Webinars

We are excited to share the 3.1 features with you and want to give you an opportunity to learn about them. Join RDI CEO Jeff Hay at one of our upcoming webinars where he will explain how to use the features and what applications they have. Click on any of these links to schedule a time.

November 5 at 1:00 p.m. (EST)

November 11 at 1:00 p.m. (EST)

November 24 at 1:00 p.m. (EST)

Featured image Motion Amplification

RDI Technologies Opens Up the World of Motion Amplification®

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New Product, Iris CM™ from RDI Technologies Opens Up the World of Motion Amplification® to Continuous Monitoring.

In the reliability space a subset of all machines are monitoring continuously due to cost and criticality. For those that are monitored continuously, in many cases the alarms do not provide adequate information to understand what is happening and more information or a visit to the machine is still needed.

The Iris CM™ powered by Motion Amplification® changes the plant balance by allowing you to easily set up a continuous monitoring system and move it between assets as needed or easily integrate a camera based continuous monitoring solution to supplement single point sensors.

This greatly increases the number of machines that can affordably be monitored continuously and greatly advances the context and understanding of point-based sensors undergoing alarm. You can now remotely see the actual faults with Motion Amplification® software and solve the problems given the clarity of seeing the bigger picture.

Find Out More Information about our Iris CM™ Product

Iris CM™ Product nformation

Iris CM™ Product Brochure

Motion Amplification® is a proprietary video processing technique that detects subtle displacement and converts that movement to a level visible with the naked eye, enabling a dramatic visualisation of the movement. When you can see how the machine is moving, the source of most issues becomes clear.

The following webinar covers the basics of the Iris CM™, how it interfaces with existing sensors, how triggering enables advanced data capture, and use cases. Imagine having a tireless colleague that can watch your problem machines 24/7. A colleague with a photographic memory that can slow down motion, amplify it, and share that with your whole team.

Now you never have to miss getting the right data or guess what it means. And you don’t have to go to the plant at 2 am on Saturday night.

Come and join us here at our Innovations to Continuous Monitoring Webinar

Innovations to Continuous Monitoring Webinar

Motion Amplification Software 3.0

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RDI’s anticipated version 3.0 Motion Amplification® update

GVS Reliability Products and Optical Motion Technologies are pleased to announce the newest update
to the award-winning software for the Iris M™, Iris MX™ and Iris CM™ systems from RDI Technologies.
v3.0 is the culmination of some of the most significant advances in Motion Amplification® product
development during its meteoric rise in the world of Asset Management and Reliability Maintenance.

The v3.0 feature set goes beyond “SEEING IS BELIEVING” to “NOW I KNOW WHERE TO LOOK” with
extremely powerful diagnostic capability and efficiency – making your job even easier.

Some key features in the v3.0 Motion Amplification® update include:

  • Live Motion Amplification®: See Motion Amplification® video in real-time. Scan areas instantly to see what’s moving before even recording a video.
  • Motion Vectors: Place Motion Vectors anywhere in the video to easily understand motions and phase relationships.
  • Motion Map™: Show colorised image overlays of motion on the Motion Amplification® video.
    Images can show the overall motion or any individual frequency in the video. Add transparency to combine the Motion Map™ and Motion Amplification® video.
  • Transient Motion Amplification®: A new Transient ROI type is available. It will track an object or part of an object across the entire frame, so the object doesn’t have to remain in the drawn
    ROI in order to be tracked or have displacement calculated.

Commissioning equipment with IRIS M Motion Amplification™

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Notes from the Field – Commissioning New Equipment with IRIS M™ Motion Amplification

Commissioning a new piece of equipment is a stressful and exciting time for all parties involved. You have spent a lot of time on this process. You have worked hard on planning, money and time have been spent on construction, and of course the hard work and effort to put in the new equipment. The goal is to get the piece of equipment into production as quickly as possible. The challenge in commissioning is having the confidence that the new and unfamiliar piece of equipment is operating the way it’s designed.

When commissioning new equipment, there are a couple of items you want to determine. The first is what the new piece of equipment should be doing, building a baseline for future reference. The other is looking for defects or deficiencies that are the result of the manufacturing, engineering, or installation process of the equipment itself. These defects, deficiencies, installation, or design issues often result in excessive vibration that is most often detectable using Displacement or Velocity. Motion Amplification™ is the ideal technology for this because Motion Amplification™ is a displacement-based measurement and shows the movement in the above-mentioned defects very well. It shows ALL the movement, piping, wiring, base, grout, concrete, etc. For example, when commissioning a pump and motor we would typically take 10 vibration measurements on the bearing housings (4 horizontal, 4 vertical and 2 axial). It is possible for the discharge piping on an overhung pump to be resonant, but the pump NDE bearing vibration to be within spec. This resonant pipe could shorten bearing life, crack pipe supports, and cause much larger issues long after the equipment is commissioned. Issues like these are design or installation problems and should be handled by the installing contractor, or plant personnel before the equipment is put into service.

Motion Amplification™ is a great tool when commissioning a new piece of equipment. The videos show how the equipment is moving. This insight helps all parties communicate effectively through the commissioning and establishes a baseline of operation before the equipment is put into production.


Commissioning Case Example

A large multinational mining company purchased the IRIS M™ for the purpose of commissioning a new facility in Mexico. They were on a tight schedule to bring the new equipment online. Acceptance testing of all new assets included an assessment using IRIS M™ before site acceptance testing (SAT) sign off with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Before and After Video description: This was a tank that they caught vibrating with the IRIS M. They notified the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of the issue and the OEM stated there was no problem with the tank. Upon seeing the tank in the MA video, the OEM immediately acknowledged the problem and redesigned the tank.

To learn more about how IRIS M™ can assist commissioning machines at your plant please contact GVS Reliability Products Pty