Free Motion Amplification Seminar and Demonstration. Perth September 30th

By August 31, 2016Latest News

GVS Reliability products and OMT are very excited to announce a Free Motion Amplification Seminar and Demo in Perth on the 30th of September.

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The day will involve a live hands on demonstration of the ground breaking new technology; ‘Motion Amplification’. This amazing product allows the smallest of motions to be seen by the human eye. Visualisation is key to determining faults in machinery, infrastructure, and human performance. Just being able to see what is happening can change your perspective completely and allow for a more targeted and cost effective approach to fault analysis.

We cannot stress enough how ground breaking this new technology is in the world of industrial reliability.

Prior to the release of Motion Amplification, the market has not had access to a product that can deliver such results in such a short amount of time.
The seminar will be run from 08:45am – 12:30pm. The agenda for the day is listed below;

Introduction to Vibration and Motion Visualisationjeffrobot
• Traditional vibration measurement
• Time Domain
• Frequency Domain
• Amplitude and Phase
• Cross Channel Phase
• Operating Deflection Shape analysis

Introduction to Videography
• Aperture
• Depth of Field
• Focal Length
• Lighting and Exposure
• Lenses

Introduction to Motion Amplification
• What is Motion Amplification
• MA Technology Overview
• RDI Acquisition
• RDI Motion Amplification
• MA Lab Session

Seeing is believing’ so come and see the amazing ‘Motion Amplification’ for yourself

The seminar will be held at the Metro Hotel Perth.   Register here if you are interested in attending this half day seminar.

If you have any questions, please contact GVS Reliability Products at or 02 4925 2701