Introducing Motion Amplification® Software 3.1

By November 5, 2020Latest News, RDI
Introducing Motion Amplification® Software 3.1Over the past few months, we have focused on bringing yet another exciting update to our loyal user base of the Iris M™, Iris MX™, and Iris CM™. This release is full of new features and functionality focused on expanding the capabilities of Motion Amplification® and making the software easier to use. What is exciting about this release is that it is primarily focused on implementing functionality based on customer feedback. It is full of new and easier ways to collect and process data, and here are just a few highlights.

  • All New High-Density Recordings (HDR) – HDR mode is now a part of Motion Amplification® analysis and no longer requires a special acquisition mode. Even better, all recordings are backward compatible. Easily achieve videos with more precise movement and detail and see unparalleled time resolution in video playback!
  • Photron and Vision Research Cameras – With our new High-Speed Plugin Module you can now use a large selection of Photron and Vision Research cameras with Motion Amplification® Acquisition™. These cameras are plug and play and expand the options for high speed Motion Amplification®.
  • Triggering – Now in Acquisition, you can arm the camera with pre and post triggers. The camera will buffer the video and save the data that was collected before the record button was pressed. This makes capturing singular events easier than ever.
  • Live ROI – You no longer have to wonder how much something is moving before you press record. Now you can draw ROI’s and measure displacement right in Acquisition. This makes for a powerful feature coupled with live Motion Amplification®. Time waveforms and spectra are both shown.
  • 60+ Usability and Workflow Changes – We have added over 60 new usability features and functionality changes that make your life easier, from selecting filtered data straight from the Motion Amplification® spectral peaks to auto thresholding. They are all designed to make the process faster and have been implemented based on direct customer feedback.
  • Major Iris CM Feature Additions – The Iris CM has seen a dramatic expansion of capability. Trigger options such as general purpose IEPE and 4-20 mA signals have been included. The Iris CM can be configured with a small form factor ruggedized PC that is scalable by networking multiple systems, making it easier than ever to deploy and interface.
  • Long Term Record – Have a process or motion that occurs over a long-time frame? Now you can set up your recording to capture over long time periods by setting frame rates to be seconds or minutes apart. You can easily set up recording for processes that take longer to measure.
  • Thresholding in Acquisition and 8-bit – Thresholding video is one of our most used features. This can now be done straight in Acquisition and with low dynamic range recording.
  • Export to a Single File with Compression – Now you can export all your data to a single file to transfer to another computer or drive more easily. That file can also be compressed for smaller file size.

Upcoming Webinars

We are excited to share the 3.1 features with you and want to give you an opportunity to learn about them. Join RDI CEO Jeff Hay at one of our upcoming webinars where he will explain how to use the features and what applications they have. Click on any of these links to schedule a time.

November 5 at 1:00 p.m. (EST)

November 11 at 1:00 p.m. (EST)

November 24 at 1:00 p.m. (EST)