IRIS M Update; Introducing ‘Motion Explorer’

GVS Reliability Products and Option Motion Technologies are excited to announce RDI Technologies latest update to the powerful IRIS M product; Motion Explorer.

Motion Explorer is a brand-new App for the IRIS M platform. The inclusion of this app to the IRIS M products, creates higher visibility and functionality by giving clear and concise access to previously captured and amplified footage. With Motion Explorer, users will now be able to preview recordings, organize data in a hierarchical structure and add/include associated files such as PDFs and MP4s in the same tree structure.

Basically, the app allows users to store all Motion Amplification data in one place for easy and fluid access.

For a simple explanation of the new app and features, click here for the showcase video.

Along with Motion Explorer, users will also receive an exciting set of new features for the Iris M.

Region Based Amplification – Users can overlay shapes to define what regions are amplified and an unlimited number of regions can be applied
Image Thresholds – Users can choose what portion of the camera’s available dynamic range is displayed on the screen and exported into the MP4
Rotate Image – Users can rotate the collected recordings by 90°, 180°, and 270° and the acquisition software shows a live preview of the rotated view
Multiple Distance Measurements – Users can drop pins on multiple locations and enter associated distances to be retrieved in Motion Amplification for analysis of multiple locations

If you are a IRIS M user you can download the latest software here:

Acquisition System Install 
Analysis Only Install

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